I have an idea, I used to be on Role play/Zais old server nearly everyday there hasn't been update or reset for a few years now. I think if there WAS a reset a new world n spawn, it'll bring back a lot of players, that's a recommendation. Also maybe adding a resource pack for role play like on other role play servers, i'm not sure how this would happen but it's a good idea, and maybe a town in spawn which has houses/Maybe a campsite I know that this is already included on role play but maybe on the reset maybe a bit more closer, so people can role play in, I remember Zais old server on 1.8 she had small shops at spawn that people could buy and sell I know right now there is some but Spawn is so big 😂 some people probably don't notice them. Also I think bringing farms back at spawn would be a good idea, I know there was a lot of trouble with them in 1.8 but maybe there's now a way to work around it. Also I think server Saturday should be a thing again, Again I don't know how this would work as Zai is very busy as she has just got married, and editing etc, but Server Saturday used to be great. Everyone got together, and at the end there was a drop party, it was a lot of fun, I would like to see this again stream or not?, Zais server used to be a small community but it was like family, I would love to see that again. :d 😚 👸